tackling the doldrums

January was a hard month for me. Perhaps it was some sort of post-holiday fatigue combined with other emotionally draining things that made it hard, but moving forward I feel like changes have to be made for my own good. So as I hobble into February weighed down by the winter doldrums, I’ve been looking for ways to break out of this funkiness. As such, I’m going to see if making some minor changes will help get me back to being creative and feeling like myself again.

One thing that’s got to go is Facebook. It’s a drain on my time and honestly my mental well-being. Because I live so far away from most of my friends and all of my family Facebook helped me feel a little more connected. But as time wears on I find that I need a break. Lately, I check it several times a day to see what I’ve missed or if anyone has left any comments under my status updates. I just don’t have a healthy approach to it now–if there is one. And honestly I want more depth in my relationships and FB is not the way to get that. It is nothing more than an unnecessary mental distraction for me right now, so it has to go until further notice.

Another thing is exercise. I don’t exercise regularly–at all– but it’s something that I have to get into the habit of doing. Let’s face it, in my mid-thirties gravity and Southern cooking are working against me. Exercising five mornings a week is a change I want and need to make.

I also need to get back to writing, which in this case involves the arduous process of revising my very rough first draft for two hours a day with the goal of having it completed this month.

And finally, I’m going to try to be more discerning with how I use my time. I was teaching my kids the other day about being careful with what you put into your mind and realized that I haven’t been so discerning with that lately myself. I want to be cautious about what I read, listen to, and watch on the television.

I had thought of taking a step back from blogging, but then I was reminded that I blog mostly so I can process life–an electronic journal, if you will. Having readers is great; I love the fact that people are willing to give me a morsel of their time–thank you! But I’m not going to worry about my blog stats this month, instead I’m focusing on consistency in getting posts up ever few days. Hopefully I can break out of the winter doldrums and get back on track.