the end of sojournaling… i think

Since springtime the blog has been quiet. Not because nothing has been going on, but because it feels like EVERYTHING is going on and I barely have time to read email much less keep up with this tiny space.

So what’s kept me away from blogging you ask (or maybe not, but here it is anyway):

-Launching IndiAanya a blog for Indian women in August

– Travel to and from the and around the US during the summer, then again unexpectedly.

– News of a new baby Freeman arriving in February 2014 and the usual fatigue and such that go along with it.

– The beginning of AshaBelle an income generation business for women trying to climb out of the poverty based in Delhi/Atlanta.

– Every day life and all its joys and trials and life with four other little loves.

– And a whole bunch of other stuff in-between that tends to come up when you live overseas.

This has meant I’ve pulled back from personal blogging and writing, too. And in all that I feel like sojournaling and I have grown apart, so to speak. This space I started four years ago because we were moving to the other side of the world doesn’t feel like “home” anymore. Like I’ve moved on, in a way.

Honestly, I’m not really sure why that is, but it just is.

So, I’ve starting a new blog at and I hope you’ll move over there with me as I make the switch. (sometimes you just need a change!)

There, I plan to share the ups and downs of starting a business, being a mom of 5 and the other things that energize, keep me awake at 2 a.m., etc.

So unless I have a huge change of heart, Sojournaling will soon be coming to an end in the near future. Sniff. Sniff. Thanks for coming along on the journey!