the perfect post. really.

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There was a post I worked on today, but it just didn’t jive with me, it didn’t ring true. So I scrapped it because something else has been on my mind lately and I’m guessing I’m not the only one who struggles with this.

I was thinking that maybe, just for today, I need to give myself a break from perfectionism.

Just a little break from impossible standards and my inner critic. From wondering if I look smart enough, sound witty enough, behave kind enough, etc.

I need to stop worrying if I said the right words in that hard conversation, had the immaculately clean house, or made the best meal for dinner, which I didn’t tonight. It was horrible and some people just didn’t eat much, me included.

I want to focus on the relationships where I feel loved even when I’m unlovable. The ones where I don’t have to pretend to have it all together or to have all the answers or where I have to tiptoe around because the real me is too much or maybe not enough.

It’s a fact that I will always be too opinionated and direct and out of shape to be considered flawless by anyone– so why put myself through the pain of trying? 

So for today, and maybe tomorrow as well– I’m really shooting high here– I’m hanging up my guns and taking the day off of being hard on myself for all the things I didn’t do well enough today.

And maybe tomorrow I will get a little closer to finding the right balance between simply caring enough about something to work hard towards quality, but not becoming obsessed with it being perfect. Even though me and perfectionism go way back and it’s sort of like an old friend, only one you don’t want to see because they always ask you for money that they never pay back.

So, here’s to kicking perfectionism and its chains to the curb. At least for the moment, anyway. Who’s with me?


6 thoughts on “the perfect post. really.

  1. I’m with you! Thanks for this! I notice perfectionism in other people (wanting things very orderly or whatever) but overlook the brands of perfectionism in myself (wanting to make sure that I always say the right thing or that I don’t run late, etc.). It’s exhausting–all of it. Thanks for the challenge!

  2. Amen sister. I’m in. I so needed this post today Kim. This is an ongoing battle for me and at this moment I am so sick of the struggle. Someone recently said to me perfectionism is a destination with no address. You will never get there. Thank you again for this post!

    • Me too. I go through these cycles where I just can’t shake the feeling that I don’t measure up– sort of in the middle of that right now. And you’re right, it is a destination with no address– well put. Anyway, can’t wait to see you guys in a couple of months and get a taste of how life is there and catch up!

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