thoughts for this Lenten season

Lent Graphic 6:14

It’s been a little rough around here this week. One of us caught a bug and it is cycling through our home… slowly. And just when it seems that we’re done it pops up again. Yesterday I could barely walk or eat because I was so nauseated.  Thankfully today is slightly better. Slightly.

Anyway, it’s my excuse for being a little behind in writing this post. And probably the reason it’s a little all over the place. That’s sort of how I feel at the moment. I have too many dreams and ideas floating around in my head. I feel like I need a stretch time to sift them out to see what exactly I need to do next, which made me think about Lent more this year than I ever have before.

Since I didn’t grow up in a church that celebrated Lent and neither did my hubby it has only been in recent years that I have given it much thought at all. Now seems more and more people like me who didn’t grow up with the tradition are embracing it as a time of reflection and spiritual renewal as we anticipate Easter.

There are a variety of ways people are observing it. But for me, Lent is not so much about giving something up as it is re-establishing good habits that strengthen my faith and keep me focused. Habits I once had, but as life added more tasks and people to take care of they fell by the wayside and they need to make a comeback.

Practically speaking, I want to get back to reading more instead of falling into Facebook when I’m tired at night. I want my mornings to begin with quiet time, coffee, reading and prayer. And I want to tune into more fully to the real life I have in front of me. In essence, I want this season to be about rebooting my system to do daily life in a different way than I have been doing it.

So that’s it. Nothing dramatic, but it won’t be easy to establish a new rhythm to my day. But I think it’s time. Let’s see how it goes– encouragement appreciated.


4 thoughts on “thoughts for this Lenten season

  1. Beautiful, encouraging words. I love the perspective you bring, instead of giving up something, make it about renewal. This is something I am trying to do. Read quality books, write more, be in the now, find time for quiet, and drink deep of Him. Praying you find the renewal that your heart longs for.

    • Thanks Liz! I told Jon last night I couldn’t remember the last time I’d read something longer than a blog post that really made me think. I sort of felt like I’ve been making it through the day for so long now. I hope you all are doing well and that 2014 will be a wonderful year for your family.

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