Tuesday’s Not-So-Deep Thoughts

Sitting down today with a cup of tea in one of my favorite tacky coffee mugs, I see that I completely neglected the month of September. I love September, nothing against it at all. But I just didn’t have it in me to blog or even check the stats. I didn’t actually write much at all in any form which lets me know that something is going on internally– just what exactly I still haven’t figured out.

But I’m back to blogging at least for today. I suppose I should since someone from Nigeria just checked it and the post on the homepage is a bit old. I figure if you’re going to go to the trouble of looking at my blog from Nigeria I ought to do a better job at keeping it up-to-date. We’ll see if I can swing it for October.

So there’s a ton going on right now. Isn’t that always the case? Just most of it isn’t exactly interesting to everyone outside my close circle of family and friends. Unexpected travel plans, painful conversations, and question marks galore seems the way of it– not exactly blog-o-rrific stuff. Because if you’re like me when you open your computer you have a limited amount of time to spend there and  you don’t just want  entertainment, you want to be moved, stirred into action, mentally stimulated, feel like you’re more connected. Right? You’re probably not so interested in the naval-gazing of a woman in her mid-thirties who is still trying to figure out what in the world she’s doing with her life. Not that the old navel looks exactly the same in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy #4. Still. If you’re like me right now, you want more substance not fluff in your life.

So I’ve stewed over this idea during the past month (I’ve stewed quite a bit all around). How do make this blog a bit more substantive and worth your time? How to be authentically me and helpful in some way? And I have to say that I’m coming up nil, though my desire is to use my words to make some sort of difference in the world–which is what I think most women I know want on some level.

And as for the fiction writing, well, Little Miss Perfection is stuck in another rut and her Steady Eddie Charging Right Along Husband wonders how to motivate her. If you or someone you know is a perfectionist (an INFP type of personality) you know what I’m talking about. If you are the spouse to said perfectionist and have lived to see the end of a large, lingering project maybe you can start a support group and ask my husband to join. Please.

So the goal for October is simple– to find the Muse again (read The War of Art if you don’t know what I’m talking about). To write more and think less (trust me it’s better this way). And to look for inspiration in news places since the old ones feel too familiar and tapped out at the moment. Any suggestions?

Where do you find inspiration for creative endeavors? And how do you keep the creative juices flowing when they feel like they’ve dried up? Inquiring minds want to know.


One thought on “Tuesday’s Not-So-Deep Thoughts

  1. First, have you read “Bird by Bird” by Anne Lamott? There’s a chapter on Perfectionism, I quote a pretty large chunk of it on my most recent blog post, but you and your husband may love it. It’s about writing and what perfectionism can do and how to see things in a new way. The book is just amazing.
    When I feel uncreative, I try to write about something little. I recently started doing a thing where I write one page of fiction a day on the computer that is not tied to anything else at all, and it’s just for me. It won’t go to a blog, won’t end up in a story, won’t be turned into a Facebook status..it just is. That has helped a bit because if I just start writing with absolutely zero pressure, there’s always something to say.
    Anne has a thing in the book about a one-inch picture frame. She says just imagine that you only have to write enough to fill that little frame. Once you get going, it’s usually easier.
    And I think that in the moment of searching for something to write, I tend to look around the room. I might see a cool line on a tapestry and wonder what it would be like to be teeny tiny and walking on that line, what would the room look like from there; or what if there was an alternate universe on the other side of the tapestry and someone was there drinking tea and painting; what would they paint? I don’t know, maybe my mind is a little nuts, but thinking randomly and just letting my brain play with the surroundings seems to usually yield some inspiration 🙂 good luck, it’s awesome you made a blog post for someone in Nigeria! I wonder what they are doing right now…hm…

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