needs and wants

I read a blog today that mentioned how some authors will only use one particular color of ink when writing. I thought this was interesting because I once held a similar preference. Okay, not just a preference a way of life.

For a long time– like years– I wouldn’t use blue pens because they seemed inferior to black ones. Black pens, that’s where it’s at baby! And at that time I kept a journal more regularly and it was always written in black ink. Only.

Then one day tragedy struck and I was out of black ink, but I desperately needed to spill my heart out onto paper because I had just smelled a pumpkin spice candle and it reminded me of home and I needed to capture my emotions…la, la, la. So, I had no choice, I used blue ink! And it was actually okay. The world still kept turning and it didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would. So now, I can no longer claim being a “one-ink-kind-of-gal,” I go both ways.

Silly right? But I get his point which was that sometimes we can’t distinguish between needs and wants. Or at least sometimes I can’t, rationally when I’m in a situation when an want feels like a need. Can you relate?

It’s true none of us needs any particular color of pen unless you live in India, which I do, and have to fill out paperwork frequently with black ink only. In that case it’s a need and not a want. I need to make certain government offices happy to be able to stay in the country. Done.

Wants that present themselves as needs are never-ending and sometimes sneak into the needs category when I’m feeling homesick and, you know, I need a real hamburger, I need to just drive myself to Target (wish they would open one here!), I need to walk into a mall and not be stared at constantly… not life or death needs at all, but sometimes it feels like it.

When I get down to the basics all I truly need is Jesus, my family, food to eat, clothes to wear (does that mean shopping falls under this category as well?), and to write (more on this later), though my husband has just said that he doesn’t think Jesus and writing fall under the same category, he has a point here. Anyway, what I want… well that’s quite a long list that I won’t go into here.

This year, I would like to try to do a better job keeping these two clear in my mind. I think it’s important because when I don’t have them in the right place I get my priorities skewed, I get restless and off track and that’s not a good way to live. Luckily I’m married to a steady-Eddie who helps me out with this. No, his name is not really Eddie, if you were wondering.

Anyway, just some thoughts for today.


5 thoughts on “needs and wants

  1. I wanted to check out your journal entry. Seems like some of what you are discussing involves control. We all want it. It makes us feel superior (as you mentioned with the pens), safe, comfortable. Often what we mask as a need is a want and the emotion driving the want is the genuine need.

    Good blog, appreciate your sense of humor.

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