want to get away…

Um, yes, yes I do. I’m back into writing again after a couple of weeks of not much production due to holiday happenings. The break, it seems, has been really good for me as I’ve been able to brush off a few thousand words in only a couple of days. I really need to finish with this rough draft so I can set it aside, let it simmer a bit in my brain before I start revising this little piece of me I’ve managed to put onto paper.

Who knows what will happen… certainly not me. I’ve given up trying to imagine life as a writer and I’ve decided, as Carolyn See says in Making a Literary Life, to just go ahead and pretend I am a writer and call myself as such. Why I think I will do just that. Lovely idea.

So the word count is at 76K+. That’s something I never thought would do. But, I wish I could have a little writing retreat and write for and entire weekend and just get it done. Time. Space. Quietness. Not easy to come by with three kiddos.

But I’m pressing on. Hoping for good things– and certainly good things have already come of it. I’ve embraced the process of doing something a little bit at a time instead of trying to quickly get a project done so I can move on to the next (my normal M.O.). And I think I’ve actually grown as a writer through the process–good as well. I’m also paying attention more to speech, and people (beware, you could end up a character in a book some day!) All very good things– so I shouldn’t complain just because I’m two months behind my self-imposed deadline.

Okay, so here I go trying to pound this out before 2012 comes along. So no more blogging until it’s done. I hope you all have a splendid 2012. I will be seeing 2012 before most of my readers finish their dinner and then watching the apple drop over my morning coffee. Such is life on the other side of the world.


One thought on “want to get away…

  1. hi kim what a wonderful way you express yourself. please keep writing as a reader love the way you write. Cant tell you in the quietness and not seeing you but knowing you are behind the scenes as totally inspired me to relook my ministry and what I am doing with my life. yours is the quiet testimony of a wonderful servant of the Lord. Praise God for you… I pray in 2012 we can meet and you can share with us personally all your experiences. but for now I am learning…to fade away too.its hard I cant even see myself giving away the joy of not attending my sunday service. I am a jew in the right proper way!.but praying to be able to grow. thank you i dont write i blabber. but will start serious writing soon. love to all and big hug for you.

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