celebrities and Merry Christmas

This week we got to stand inches away from some serious celebrities. Now, there was a thick piece of glass separating us from them, but they did wave and it was fun to be part of the excitement of seeing people that make women squeal and fans flood a mall just to catch a glimpse of these larger-than-life actors.

We just happened to be eating at our favorite American restaurant here. At exactly the right time. Pretty lucky I’d say, especially since I wasn’t sure how the evening was going to go after a certain three-year-old got carsick from all the stop-and-go traffic. Let’s just say I’m glad the laws are flexible about kids being in car-seats, otherwise we we couldn’t have put hers in the trunk and out of range after the yogurt she just ate revisited us.

But I digress.

So this week has been a potpourri of happenings. It’s been busy for sure, but not with the usual running around we would be doing back home. Food has been prepared and shared. Gifts have been given, that much is the same. Church will be attended–twice in less than twenty-four hours. Christmas looks different here on the outside and sometimes I feel a sense of sadness because we are away from loved ones–that is a difference I am not used to yet. But on the whole, this year has been much better than last. Possibly because I know what to expect and what not to expect and learning to be content with the present.

So Merry Christmas. It’s been an interesting year and we still have one week left of 2011. I’m hoping it’s a restful end to what I can’t exactly call a restful year. But a good year none-the-less.


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