why blog?

I am beginning to wonder myself. I don’t just want to merely share my thoughts about my life, but rather, I would love for things I write on this blog to do something for the reader– to be more than just fluff and drivel. I just haven’t exactly figured out what that is yet.

What are people looking for when they take five minutes out of their lives to read someone’s blog? Hope? Encouragement? Advice? Humor? Recipes? I’m not sure moving forward what I want this blog to be all about– some careful thinking needs to happen. I’ve just been thinking more about time and wasting time. I don’t want to waste my time or my reader’s so what does the world need?

Maybe it doesn’t need another blog. This is entirely possible.

Any suggestions?


One thought on “why blog?

  1. Please keep blogging. It helps us to hear that even though you’re around the world, you still have some of the same problems we do. And sometimes even more than us. It really helps us to be thankful for what luxuries we do have. And it helps us pray for you more!

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