november hodge-podge

The end of November already… Where did the year go I keep wondering.

Monsoon came and went and now it is winter–time to get out the blankets, slippers and space heaters. Also, time to give the mosquito wands a workout–unfortunately. The mosquito situation has been ridiculous since October and I wake up to buzzing all through the night. It has been sort of like having a newborn, except mosquitoes are blood-sucking, ear-buzzing pests and don’t cuddle well. On any given night, if you were camped outside our apartment you could see me stalking around my room at 3 am with a tennis-racket-like thing in hand searching for the mosquito that is trying to land on my face. Such a glamorous life– I know. I am anxiously awaiting even colder weather so they will go into hiding for a while. Ah, the joys of living in S Asia!

Another “joy” I’ve experienced lately is being very shocked by Christmas lights. I plugged the strand in to test them, then felt a jolt down my left arm and fell back onto the floor pulling the light out of the socket and apparently screaming as I did so because it got the husband’s attention. My hand felt weird for a while and I was actually quite shaken.

In the writing department I am still at it, though Thanksgiving did put me behind schedule a bit. It’s the rough-draft home-stretch. If only I could lock myself into a room for three days I’d be done. Done! What a splendid thing to imagine. Then I could put it away and realize in January what a horrible first draft it is and begin the year thoroughly depressed. Just imagine how wonderful that would be. But at least I’d have finished something and that’s saying a great deal for me.

Ah, well, I see the mosquitoes have been lured by the light of my screen, so I’m off to conquer and hopefully get some sleep in between the battles.


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