tough nut to crack

October was a desert in terms of blog posts. I admit I just haven’t had much to say that I figured anyone would want to read. I did think of perhaps a blog about Brazil nuts in mid-October and I had it worked out in my mind, and thought I was o so clever. Then I forgot about it before I had a chance to write it down and haven’t been able to recall what I had wanted to say about Brazil nuts after all (other than they are my favorite nut and very hard to crack, but so worth it!). So I scrapped the idea and focused on writing my “novel” and reading books, several books actually. So at least, you see, my slacking was not in vain.

September was excessively busy and October was recovery. I was exhausted physically and emotionally. People drain me after a while and make me want to lock myself in my room for week after a long stretch of entertaining. It could also be that middle-age is catching up with me and I just don’t have the kick I once had. Perhaps. Or perhaps sometimes silence is the best option when we are in a place where it is a serious challenge to string a coherent sentence together.

So, I suppose I’m back to blogging again and trying to sort my life and times out via world-wide web. It should be interesting in the coming days as I’ve no idea what to expect since we are entering the “holiday” season back home and this is a hard time of year to be on the other side of the world. Melancholia could show its ugly head in future posts even though I am doing much better than I was this time last year thanks to prayer, friends, family and writing. Who knows, maybe I’m more adjusted than I think I am and I won’t miss anyone at all this year at Christmas. We shall see.

And you never know, some very insightful blog about Brazil nuts might also just show up. Dare to dream.


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