did they really say that?

Fall is here and the rains have decided to show up in full-force. Of course this year’s monsoon is not like the last year’s and for that I am grateful–no flooded cars (so far) and all of my leather sandals are still in tact. Sometimes it’s just the little things.

We are mere hours from entering into three-weeks of excessive busyness, by my standards anyway. Visitors, ministry and school obligations top the list of obligations and my head is already spinning as I think about being “on” for that length of time– a faux pas is almost a given knowing my track record with large groups of people. However, it will be nice to focus on something new for a while. Sometimes seeing things through new eyes is the very thing I need to gain a fresh perspective on life.

And speaking of perspective, the hubby has gotten some interesting perspective from some of his professors and he’s far too nice to put them on his blog, but I’m not. The accounts that follow are actual words spoken by educated men and women to master’s students in a college here. So without further adieu..

Did you know:

– St. Nicholas didn’t wear a red suit in the Bible, that was added later by Coca-Cola in their ad campaign. (What can I say about this except it’s hilarious and a bit sad at the same time.)
– Coleman lanterns were created by coal miners so they could see in the mines. (Nice guess.)
– There’s no such thing as a paid lunch. (That’s funny because I always pay for mine!)
– Definition of target audience “everyone on the planet who will read your writing.” (Wow that’s a big target!)
– Riding shot-gun means you have an actual gun in the front seat. (Now, this is funny if you know that culturally people here prefer the backseat because many of them have drivers and it’s cooler to be riding in the back than in the front. Even if I have a driver I still prefer riding “shot-gun” myself, but I try to leave my firearm at home).

The sad thing is that most of the students don’t know that the profs are wrong and it’s not really worth it to question them. But it does make for some funny conversation later when he comes home.

So that’s the latest and greatest: busy days ahead, funny times in class and a whole bunch of other stuff that’s far too mundane to post.  I hope you have a great weekend!


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