bugs in the rice

One night I was making dinner and needed some rice. I pulled out the bag and poured it into a bowl and noticed the little brown bugs had gotten into the bag. Now, back home I would have immediately thrown out the entire thing and just bought some more the next time I went to the store. But that wasn’t my first instinct. Instead, I filled the bowl full of water, let the dead bugs rise to the top, then proceeded to use the rice with the meal without thinking twice. Acclimation perhaps?

Another time I found a little bug in my flour, so I sifted it out. Then I bought some chicken and there were still feathers on parts of it. I gagged slightly, but cleaned it off and cooked it anyway.

Now, don’t get the idea that if you come over I will feed you chicken with feathers and bugs with your rice. But I have to say, that I have become a bit more sensitive about wasting food. Especially when the biggest complaint is that there are a few dead bugs in mixed in. Admittedly, I may go ahead and throw this bag of rice away because I’m starting to feel a little nauseated, but it’s hard when I see men sifting through trash, kids sleeping on curbs, women carrying 12 bricks on their heads at one time, to waste precious food. So a few bugs just don’t get me stirred up as much because there are bigger problems out there and we’re all going to get de-wormed when we get home anyway.

Did I just say de-wormed? Acclimation strikes again.


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