fried chicken, salad dressing and homesickness

I recently saw a photo of a friend’s groceries that she had just purchased back in the US which got me thinking about how I couldn’t buy any of those things here. Instead, I have to make most things from scratch, which was something I have learned only since moving to a country where things are not ready-made.  This made me want to compile a list of things, both food and otherwise, that I’ve learned so far from my change in geographical location.

So without further adieu, here are a few things I’ve learned thus far, starting with some of the food stuff:

  • Cream of chicken soup doesn’t have to come out of a can. Neither does any kind of soup and homemade actually tastes better! Who knew?
  • Salad dressings are super easy to make if you are willing to be creative, though I can’t wait to get a salad covered in Ken’s Thousand Island when I go home.
  • Every Southern woman should know how to fry chicken and should go out and learn right now if she doesn’t.
  • Spending $8 on a good square of cheese is necessary at times.
  • Boxed milk is a poor substitute for the real thing.
  • The apple is the most reliable fruit God created.
  • Cooking an entire meal from scratch, while exhausting, is supremely rewarding.
  • Two flavors of yogurt don’t cut it for me. Wait, there’s three now they added the ever-flashy vanilla to the line-up.
  • Heavy cream cannot be duplicated here in any way I find appealing, very sad if you know how much I love it.

Some other thoughts that are not cooking related:

  • I miss the beach and being very far from one makes me miss it even more.
  • September – December is the most painful time of year to be away from home.
  • It is crushes my heart to tell my three-year-old repeatedly she can’t go to her Nanna’s house, or her cousin’s house until next year.
  • I am very privileged compared to much of the world.
  • I still need to grow up in so many ways–whatever that means.
  • God can use my passions for His glory. I wished I had known this when I was eighteen.
  • He also uses places of isolation and loneliness to get our attention in ways he could not otherwise.
  • It is probably not a great idea to blog when I’m homesick.

And there are probably about fifty other things I could write, but that’s enough soul-bearing for a Tuesday. I hope Wednesday is a bit lighter. We are all learning something about life wherever we are, right? What’s something you’ve been learning lately?



2 thoughts on “fried chicken, salad dressing and homesickness

  1. Kim, you are already displaying hard earned wisdom. Took me longer to make home made soup. Ask about my first attempt at potato soup and the response I received. Maybe I can bring you the Ken’s salad dressing in February if you still want it.

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