obligatory post

Just a quick report so you know I have not fallen off the face of the Earth (though lately the idea sounds intriguing):

– Yes, I am still writing and that is going all right. Cheers to me!

– Yes, my kids are still sick and yes it has almost been a month since it all began because we picked up strep at a birthday party.

– Yes, my war with ants, geckos, and mosquitoes for possession of my home is still going strong.

– No, we will never go to another children’s birthday party at a restaurant until my youngest is 10 and remembers to frequently and heavily apply antibacterial hand sanitizer.

– And finally, yes, I am still horribly afraid of street dogs, street cows and other free-running wildlife that I encounter on my afternoon walks to the bus stop. I have an umbrella that I take with me and it’s not for the rain.

So that’s an update of sorts. Hopefully more to come soon!


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