blonde ambition: part deux

Several weeks later I was ready to give the salon another try. They told me they would indeed fix my hair and give me the blonde hair I wanted.Great as long as it’s not red or green I’m fine. Let’s do it. It’s hard to say no to free. Though in the end they did charge me for root touch-up. So it was not entirely free, but what is? Anyway…

So back to the salon. I had a new stylist named Aswhin. He and his assistants don’t chat with me this time very much only a little small talk. And by the way, small talk doesn’t seem to be big here, but that could just be because it’s me, I still haven’t figured that out yet. All I know is that I have four guys putting creams and foils in my hair and by the time they are done I look frightful. Thirty-five minutes later they take me to a chair and I lay my head back into the sink. If you’ve ever done this before at a salon you know that the basin is hard and laying your head back on it for too long is not advised. I did if for about twenty minutes as two sets of hands pulled and rubbed something terrible smelling into my hair. For about five minutes I enjoyed it, the rest was, well, painful.

Finally, I sat up and got my first glimpse and I could tell from the roots it was a little orange. Hum. Maybe it was my eyes deceiving me since I had been laying backwards for so long and I have had problems with vertigo lately. Then I sat back down into my chair and sure enough it was strawberry-blonde, not ash blonde. I looked like a redhead. A light redhead. Red. A color I like when it’s natural. But I don’t like it on me so much.

As they dried my hair and I examined it they enthusiastically asked me how I liked my blonde hair. It’s great I said because I didn’t have the heart to tell them it still wasn’t right. To them it was blonde and honestly they probably see so little of it there they have one category for blonde and now I’m in it.

I still don’t know what I think about it. Really given the state of affairs around the world, it seems fairly shallow to be dwelling on my hair color so much. But it so strange to look in the mirror now, it’s like I’m not looking at me and I feel like I’ve betrayed the fraternity of brunettes. Who is this sallow-looking, fair haired woman looking back at me? Have you ever made a change so drastic to your appearance that you didn’t feel like you anymore?

Today I went from being and Fall/Winter to a Summer/Spring. Adjustments will have to be made to my make up and clothes of course. Perhaps and opportunity to shop? Anyway, I suppose we’ll see how it goes as I become even more conspicuous here.


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