an anniversary of sorts

One year ago we left the States and began our journey to the other side of the world. After many long hours and three different planes we arrived just in time for the torrential downpour that would be right on our heels. It was hot and humid beyond belief. I remember flooded streets and flooded taxi cabs (we literally held our feet up in the car to keep them dry). I remember clutching hold of our children as we would walk wide-eyed around the city, around malls, and our neighborhood. Everything was so real and so different and I was struggling to keep up with all the processing that was going on in my mind.

Today, well today and this week has not gone so well, but at least I can say that lately I have been more comfortable in our adopted country. This week has unfortunately been about sick kids, a whole lot of television watching (because the kids are sick and need to rest) and feeling the twinges of homesickness as my heart longs for family, friends and fun times. Not that we don’t have fun here. We do, sometimes. It’s just not as frequent as it used to be and I do desire to laugh a little more than I do at present.

I like to think I’ve come a long way from our first days here. I still have a way to go. One way I’ve grown is that I am less shocked by things that I see as we drive around–I sort of expect the unexpected if you know what I mean. Something I do know, there is a reason I am here and I am curious to see where little ole me fits into the big picture. Well, anyway, I now have a year of living abroad under my belt. I’m just delighted to say I made it in one piece. Now, on to round two!


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