I’m not really sure where this post will go, but I want to get back to blogging, to writing and being more intentional with my time in the future, which means today. So here’s a warning: this post will probably be more like a rambling walk through my thoughts of present.

Recently, as in yesterday, I decided to go on a self-imposed hiatus from Facebook. I know, it seems silly that I can’t hold myself accountable enough to make better use of my time. But Facebook has such a draw, doesn’t it? You can quite innocently go there catch up with what’s going on with friends without ever talking to them at all. Five minutes of browsing quickly becomes thirty minutes, then an hour wasted. I had such a hard time not clicking on the FB icon on my browser’s toolbar. When I did I would then spend mindless minutes browsing through other people’s lives instead of investing in my own.

I decided to choose a few blogs that I would read (subscribe to) and stick with that for the time being. July  just seems like a good time for fresh starts and new beginnings. Don’t you agree?

One change that I am becoming more aware of is the fact that I am so much more at ease now in my adopted culture. I might even find myself longing for the crowded streets of, well, everywhere here, over the very easy and scenic driving we do back home where it is mostly landscape and houses, not people and cows everywhere. I said might. We’ll see next year how my opinion of that shapes up when I’m finally behind the wheel again.

Well, enough rambling now and back to work while I have a quiet house.


4 thoughts on “rambles

  1. Same for us. Sometime next summer. After adoption is final and we settle into being parents. 🙂 Maybe if we are in Dallas at the same time we can grab coffee? Keep me posted when you guys make your plans.

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