on gratefulness and writing

Recently I have started yet another blog–I know, I seem to have this innate desire to be heard lately– in any case, it is a blog about being grateful. I’m on day nine (today) and I have to report that I have seen a big difference in my attitude and outlook in the past week. Which is a very big step for me if you’ve kept up with some of my past entries.

It’s funny that I have to remind myself to be grateful–it’s not natural for me at all–perhaps some of you can relate. My hope is that by forcing myself to be grateful for the next year it will become habitual and I won’t have to remind myself to give thanks not only for the good things, but also for the things that help me grow–you know, the things that stretch me and are painful. I’m still focusing on the good things for right now… I haven’t gotten to the place where I can honestly give thanks for all of the challenges of life. With God’s grace, I hope to get there.

The writing is coming along, though more slowly than I’d like. In truth I’d love to shut myself off for many hours a day and just write–that’s a good sign. It’s just not practical. I’m not sure why I decided that it was a good idea to jump full into writing while I have three young kids instead of waiting five years when they are more self-sufficient and I have more time (insert sarcastic laugh). My husband always jokes about our first two years of marriage when I felt overwhelmed and I wasn’t working and didn’t have kids. I’m sure there was a very valid reason I felt overwhelmed, though right now I can’t imagine what it could have been! Perhaps when you are young (or in your twenties) you can’t imagine there not being enough time. The thirties have been nice because I’ve begun to understand how quickly time passes and how frail life can be. At least that’s been my experience. And now I’m going off on a tangent–so that probably means I need to sign off and say goodbye for now.


2 thoughts on “on gratefulness and writing

  1. You need to read “The 4:8 Principle” by Tommy Newberry. It’s all about that positive attitude all the time!

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