I’m a little homesick today because I love this holiday. It’s Independence day and our families and friends back home will be hitting the pool, beach, river, what-have-you, and grilling out. There will be rich desserts and cold lemonade. Laughter and sparklers. Last year that’s what we did all weekend–good times.

Tonight we will be going to someone’s house to grill out, though. It sort of happened last minute as we just met some folks from our home country and they invited us over and it reminds me that God’s grace and provision are all around me.

It has almost been one year now since we made the big move overseas. There have been good days and bad days and a bunch in between. I am constantly thinking and analyzing my life and emotions. Oh how I wish I could have my husbands approach sometimes–nothing seems to phase him in the least. I am still in a constant state of wonder at some of the things I see and experience. Maybe that’s good. But sometimes it just makes me tired.

Anyway, it’s a day for celebrating freedom–so I will. In both a patriotic sense and spiritual sense I am free and that is worth more than all the grilled hamburgers and fireworks in the world.


2 thoughts on “freedom

  1. Thanks for these honest glimpes into your life. Sometimes I read what you’ve written and wondered if we are twins seperated at birth. (Especially with our birthdays so close together!) I imagine I would have similar responses to a new life in India, but I’m so thankful for God’s protection and provision for you and your family. Happy 4th of July!!!

  2. Thanks K- I appreciate the comment! Next year when I’m home we should have coffee and catch up. Thanks for your blog and funny stories of motherhood as well.

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