cheapest ER visit ever

There’s not much good one can ever say about a trip to the ER. But one silver lining tonight was that the only cost the doc charged me was for the antibiotics, which equaled about $2.50 dollars. Wow. I hope the old saying “you get what you pay for” doesn’t apply to this situation since we are talking about my little girl’s head and the potential for a nice scar front and center and any other thing that could potentially go wrong. I’m trying not to think about that.

It was a time-machine moment. If I could have gone back in time for five minutes and told her to go back to bed and go to sleep like she was supposed to… if I hadn’t gone into the bathroom and left her on our bed for those ten seconds… if only the nightstand had been pushed closer to the bed so she could reach her sippy cup she wouldn’t have fallen off the bed and in between the nightstand and the bed. She wouldn’t have a nice slice over her eye. I wouldn’t have almost fainted from all the blood and ruined a dishtowel. Etc, etc.

But such as it is now I have a little girl with a big head bandage sleeping soundly in my bed between mommy and daddy tonight because accidents happen at home and in foreign countries–especially to curious two-year-olds.

I’m the worst in a crisis situation. I’d really love to stick my head in the sand and let someone else handle the drama (just ask my hubby), but when you are the only adult it’s not possible. I’m so grateful for my neighbor who came over to help me calm down and figure out what to do.

It just so happens that we are celebrating my birthday tomorrow by going to a nice restaurant and I’m sure we will get even more looks than usual when they see us holding a little girl with haphazardly wrapped head in a pretty dress. The adventure continues.


2 thoughts on “cheapest ER visit ever

  1. Dear Jon and Kim and family,

    So very sorry to hear about your little ones fall and the stitches in her head. Ruth let us know about the accident and we certainly will be praying for a quick recovery. We live in Atlanta but are down in FL for a few months. We are heading home to ATL on April 5. Ira and I would love to be on your email list.
    Blessings on you — You are in our prayers.
    Ira and Julia

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