jumping hurdles

I took a little break from blogging because I was feeling very negative and didn’t want to just rant. Not at the start of a new year anyway–there’s plenty of time for ranting down the road, I’m sure.

So, this week has been a bit better as the fog here lifts a bit and I can finally get my clothes to dry out in two days instead of four. I’m definitely missing my clothes dryer now. Along with my dishwasher. For the past two weeks I’ve been without house help and it’s been dishwashapalooza here. I also have very dirty floors that need a good scrub, but there’s only so much a mom of three can do in one day!

With the few bumps this year there have also been some surprises. We have felt very loved by folks in Big D and ATL who sent us care packages. The kids have loved all the surprises, the Hubs is glued to his new books and I have been a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup eating machine. However, fear did grip me today as I realized that cool temps don’t last forever here and come March any chocolate sent in the post will surely melt. So I’m enjoying my goodies now knowing that I’m going to be taking a seven month hiatus from them in the future.

Even though this year has started off a bit bumpy, I have high hopes for it to be really wonderful. I have been writing more and I’m determined to finish something soon and let others read it. You heard it here first. It’s a big step for this quasi-perfectionist. But it’s time. Now or never I’m telling myself. My social life is very limited here, so why not write? There’s no reason except for fear. But I’m ready to jump the hurdle and find out if my writing is really terrible or has potential.

Right. Well, I need to get back to work and my steaming cup of Earl Grey that is providing me with much needed warmth at this moment.