goodbye 2010

Well, I must say I’m not sad to see 2010 go down in the books, so to speak. It has been a year of changes and transitions; highs and lows; curry and daal. We began the year journeying to Colorado and we are ending it in South Asia. It is a year I will never forget and one I would not ever like to relive again!

If I could put a theme on this year for me it would be “Surrender.” I feel like I have had to surrender my will and forgo my “rights,” such as they are. The easy life is not an option; though I know my life is much easier than that of so many people I encounter each day here. Still, surrendering for me is not easy and has been quite painful at times.

Tonight is the final night of 2010. Typically this would mean games, food and friends. But here, it means me, alone, with popcorn and a blog. Our commitments here are different; not only am I experiencing culture shock with the general culture, but also with the church culture. It’s just different here and I’m trying to figure out where I fit in exactly.Tonight it means the Hubs has to “work” in the city and me and the crew stay home.

Along with all the hard stuff, there has also been many reasons to be grateful. In spite of several small illnesses, we are healthy (at least right at this moment). We have a nice apartment that fits our needs right now and sort of feel a bit more settled. Our children are thriving and we are all together. Before we left, we were able to  make wonderful memories with family and friends this year. I can’t complain.

So here’s to my last 35 minutes in 2010 (yay!) and hearty cheers to a Happy 2011!



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