blue, blue, blue Christmas

Ok, so maybe it’s not so blue. But it’s definitely different when you take away the culture of Christmas surrounding you on a daily basis. In this culture they embrace other religion’s holidays, but it’s not like there’s decoration everywhere and I can’t just buzz over to Target to get all my holiday needs met. The Hubs is going tomorrow to a market that my maid said I should never go to (she thinks I’m quite delicate) to find a tree and other Christmassy items. Have fun dear.

So our quest to find a tree here continues–a few days ago I called a guy who I thought owned a store close by, about a tree and he told me he’d call me back after he finished his bath. Right. Why did he answer his phone while taking a bath anyway? I guess if you are just using buckets (which we don’t in case you were wondering) then it’s no big deal. But would you tell a total stranger you were in the bath? Gross.

Last year we were packing to move, so we didn’t have a tree then either. It sort of depresses me to think of all the transitions and losses we’ve had this year, so I won’t dwell here. But I will say that having a tree this year will be great–a symbol of settled-ness if you will; something beautiful that will make me feel a little more connected to the world I left behind– the one I’m missing terribly right now.

Moving on. We have had an influx of candy from the US and all I can say is keep it coming. My secret stash of Reese’s peanut butter cups is dwindling.  I shouldn’t complain because it was sent for everyone… but somehow the entire bag ended up in my wardrobe hidden under a bunch of clothes. How did that happen?

Well, here’s to hoping Christmas won’t be too blue and I can, as Boo prayed for me this morning (!), have a better attitude about things. Kids just have a way of putting things in perspective sometimes, don’t they?

URGENT UPDATE: All Reese’s cups are now gone since this went to print. Someone left the empty bag in my wardrobe! Cruel world!! You know who you are…


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