random ramblings

I hate to start a blog this way, because it’s probably too much information, but like Morgan Grimes said (he’s a character on the show Chuck) “I over-share to connect.”  So I’m just going to say it because I love authenticity and it’s what’s going on with me lately: I have another parasite. Yep, another one. This is so frustrating because I am so careful with how I handle food and about washing my hands. Apparently, not careful enough. I had been in denial about this for a week, but finally I had to admit I just didn’t feel good. So now I’m on meds to kill whatever it is that is making me cranky, tired, and overall feeling yucky.

Well, now that I got that off my chest I can re-cap the latest and greatest of my Asian escapades. They really haven’t been so great, actually, but I will try to play it up the best I can.

Recently, I’ve adopted a new strategy I employ on occasion for men who stare at me inappropriately for overly-extended amounts of time: I stare back, in a way that says “Did your momma teach you to look at women like that?” I must say it makes me uncomfortable and sometimes I just can’t do it, but if I’m in a bad enough mood–look out!

We have also recently had a suitcase full of goodies delivered to us from home, as well as a friend who brought us more wonderful treasures. I cannot tell you how this makes me happy to now have hidden in my closet an entire bag of Reece’s peanut butter cups. I share–a little bit.

Well, I know this blog post has been both inspirational and inspiring, but I need to go to bed now and hope tomorrow I feel a bit more “normal”–whatever that means here.


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