numbering my days

While most the people I know will be watching the GA v. Auburn game, I will be sleeping on the other side of the world.

And right now I should be sleeping, but it’s hard to sleep when every time I lay down a mosquito buzzes close to my ear, telling me that there are going to be at least two new bites on me in the morning. Also, our neighbors are having a little soiree on their terrace and I can hear every chuckle from where I am–could be a long night.

So if I can’t sleep why not blog? Why not indeed. I know that the world is dying to hear my insights, so I shouldn’t keep them in suspense any longer, right?

Today I finished listening to a five-part series entitled “Time” that Andy Stanley did earlier this year. It was brilliant. Convicting and inspiring. I want to listen to parts of it again so I can formulate a plan to use my time more wisely–to procrastinate less and invest small bits of my every day into things that truly matter; ie, the Hubs, the kids, my relationship with God, and other relationships with folks both near and abroad.

I don’t usually go on about sermons, but this series was excellent. I was telling the hubs that Andy has got to be one of the best communicators of the truth of our time. No pun intended.

I have also been convicted about my use of social media. It’s like the filler of my life when there are gaps. Not sure what to do next? I think I’ll just jump on facebook to see what’s going on with so and so. And then twenty minutes later I’m still on trying to feel a little more connected to the world I left behind. I’m determined to make a schedule and stick to it and only give myself a small window each day for FB and email and my all time favorite thing to do–just piddle. My mom’s nick-name is Pitty-Pat, my grandpa loved to just putter around his garage and I love to piddle like those before me. I just sort of float around the apartment doing little bits of this and that, but nothing really gets accomplished. Drives the hubs crazy.

So tomorrow, my mission is to stop the insanity and get my time organized into a more productive schedule. It’s exciting, but a bit intimidating. But I want to do it–there are so many things I’d like to do; carpe diem!

Well, I’ve killed two mosquitoes now–little did they know their days were numbered, too. Perhaps it’s safe once more to try to sleep.

Goodnight and Go Dawgs!



One thought on “numbering my days

  1. I’m so with you on the FB dealio. Can we talk soon? I know … I need to call you. Do you think if I set alarm I’d call before your sleepy time??? And yes, absolutely fantastic series! Miss you!

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