winners and losers

Life doesn’t work exactly like it used to. At one time I could drive (myself) to Target and get just about anything I needed. Now, there is no driving myself and no Target. In fact, no real grocery stores–that don’t drive me crazy–in my area at all. So what’s a girl to do?


So I have been trying to figure out how to do/make things that were once so easy, but now are a real challenge. I’ve also tried to bring a little of my culture into the lives of the people here, whether they like it or not.

So here’s some things I’m going to share just because I’m really tired right now and feel like rambling.

1. Beard trimmers are not a good replacement for hair clippers (can’t find them here at all). Just ask Bud about his most recent haircut. Oops.

2. Chicken hot-dogs are disgusting even if I cover them in corn batter and try to make them corn-dogs. Both ways they are still disgusting.

3. Teaching your maid the meaning of “Kiss my grits” could eventually be risky, though I do hope someday she puts it to good use and reports the results back to me.

4. Discovering that they call cilantro, coriander, has greatly improved my attempts at Mexican cooking.

5. Making corn chips and taco shells is not easy when you don’t have the right kind of mesa. In fact it’s impossible and to keep trying for one hour with the same result is insanity.

6. I can actually make brownies without a box. Who knew?

When I do manage to create something from scratch and it’s good, I’m totally amazed. I guess I never realized how dependent I was on fast food, canned goods and frozen stuff. I might actually hug a Publix or Kroger the next time I’m in one. Oh, how I do miss their bakeries, neatly lined isles and stocked shelves so.

And if I ever run into the guy that conned me out of $40 because he claimed to be a representative of our cable company, I’m definitely going to tell him to kiss my grits. On second thought maybe not… I’m not sure grits translates here. Maybe “kiss my chapati” would be a better way to go.

Homemade corn-dogs... they were as gross as they look.


One thought on “winners and losers

  1. Kim,
    So fun reading your post! I know how you feel and I feel the same way! You will be very thankful for your new ability to make things from scratch. It is something I would have never done in the States. Also, you will walk into Publix or Target or Sams and you will just breathe in the wonderful air and be so happy inside for those wonderful places. And also, now you know what you need to bring back with you. I always have to bring back brown sugar, chocolate chips, pecans, shortening, and corn meal. Kudos on cooking and blogging! Translate that!

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