funny little things

Well, I’m finally learning that you should never assume things here. For example, if you want to eat lunch and it requires a microwave, never expect the power will be on right when you want it to be; also, I shouldn’t expect, though my default programming does, that when you order some mangoes they will be edible and not two days too ripe; and finally, you should not expect that any appliance you buy here will A) work without a good hit or two and B) will work at all or C) go in the spot you dreamed it would go due to the fact that there are like three different types of outlets in our apartment (why can’t there just be one size fits all? I foolishly ask).


My Local Target

So life here is always an adventure of sorts. Men will probably always blatantly stare at me in malls and as I walk to my “Target” down the street. Some are so bold they just look me straight in the eye for uncomfortable amounts of time. I’m glad I still haven’t had to buy underwear yet, because it’s mostly men that work in department stores and it might send me over the edge if they try to help me find a bra.

I’m trying to make peace with all the things my worldview says is reasonable, sensible and what my reality is. It is tough going some days. But some days it just makes me laugh as this jewel down below did. I didn’t know that all this time I needed to check and see if the glass I was purchasing was veg or non-veg, not that I was planning on eating the glass, but rather eating on it. Glad we got that cleared up.

Veg Glassware



Love this label!



One thought on “funny little things

  1. I just found out an amazing blog which describes my world in a complete different perspective!
    And yea, Men stare not just cause you are a foreigner. They just stare all the women 😛

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