following up

In my previous post I ranted a bit about some things that bug me here. Well, this is sort of a continuation of that rant, with the addition of a plea to my readers.

This weekend the Commonwealth Games will begin in the city. It’s sort of the Olympics for all the former British colonies (the US is not included, hum). It’s a pretty big deal here and has thus far been interesting to follow as the city scrambles to prepare for the athletes and tourists who are beginning to pour in. The city is already crowded and should be fairly chaotic for the next two weeks. Excuse me, more chaotic.

In light of this event, I’ve been thinking a great deal about the issue of human trafficking and the impact the games will have on this already enormous problem. Many papers and news sources here and around the world are predicting a surge in the amount of people coming here who are not only coming to attend the games, but as tourists of another sort. In the city, sexual tourism is becoming big business and the games are providing an opportunity for profit. I get sick just thinking about someone abusing a child in such a way, and yet I know it happens all the time.

Innocent men, women and children are being exploited every day. One paper has reported that it is possible that at least 15,000 have been brought down from the rural north to be sold into sexual slavery. That’s not including those who already live in the city, but are homeless and vulnerable to this type of exploitation (there is an estimated 1.4 mil homeless).

So here’s my plea: that you would pray along with me over the next two weeks as the games begin for these innocent men, women and children who are being exploited and abused. That they would be set free from slavery and receive the help they need. Pray also that the governing authorities here would take action and be more zealous for justice in this country. Perhaps even pray about how you could help end this type of suffering that is occurring all over the world.

I am certainly no expert on any of this, by any means but I see the needs every day–physical and spiritual they are great. Too great. But this problem is not too great for the Lord. Some days I feel like it is, but that just shows how weak my faith is and how it needs to grow.

I don’t have any clever conclusion today. Please just mark it on your calendar to pray for this part of the world for a couple of weeks, longer if you want to,  and drop me a note if you want and let me know that you are.


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