this bugs me

As I now live in a country that is not my own, and as such I am daily exposed to things that are not every day occurrences in America. For example: I don’t usually hear of too many folks with parasites. But here, I get to experience them firsthand. What a lucky girl I am.

So my latest adventures had me researching and visiting multiple schools for my oldest son to attend. Then entire process has made me appreciate the place where I grew up and the opportunities I had for education (I didn’t take them, but that’s another story). For people here, education is of major importance and parents who want to see their kids succeed will go to great lengths to make sure they attend good schools, which often requires major sacrifice on the part of the family. Many here even intentionally have only one child so they can pour all their resources into him or her. Abortion rates are high here and it is a sad fact that you can no longer find out if you are having a boy or a girl before you give birth because so many more girls are aborted. It still happens, though. How tragic and heartbreaking.

In my growing up experience I never doubted that I could do or be anything I wanted to (whether or not this really was the case is suspect, but still I believed it), even though we were not wealthy. Here that is not the case. For so many, proper education is not even a remote possibility. I remember being in a village last year and being told that for four dollars a month a young girl we met could have gone to a better school and received an education that would give her greater opportunities. She had a bright, inquisitive mind and I grieved that so many are like her– their families unable to provide for daily necessities much less education for their daughter. This bugs me the most and my mind is scrambling to figure out how this could change here. Because I think it should.

And it  really bugs me that the very day I felt better last week Jon got some strange infection that knocked him out for two days. He probably should have rested more today, too, but how can you when your wife gets the same thing you have? I’m having a good moment right now so I can finish this post, but I am currently sporting a fever, headache, body pain and overall malaise (flu-like stuff). Prayers for healing and that the kids don’t get it are greatly appreciated.

Okay, it’s back to trying to rest, and hoping that the Tylenol kicks in soon. This concludes today’s installment of “This Bugs Me.” I promise to counter this post someday with “This really makes Me Happy,” but sorry, I just can’t do that right now.


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