thus far…

We have been here almost seven weeks now. There have been bumps in the road, for sure, but I think overall it has gone surprisingly well. This week is the first time, though, I can say I have really felt settled to some degree.

Our move was in stages as we waited for deliveries to be made and for the guy to come after the delivery and assemble the stuff we bought (the two never occurred on the same day). That process was somewhat stressful for me to have to manage all the people coming in and out all day fixing things and making deliveries.

My greatest joy came when I figured out how to have fruits and veggies delivered, meat delivered and someone to help me shop for the rest. Not knowing how to eat or what to eat made some days very difficult since I knew I was not feeding the kids proper nutrition, but I could do nothing about it since we had no way to prepare food. My family is living proof you can survive on McD’s and Pizza Hut for extended periods of time.

Shopping is also an area where I struggle to truly understand the rationale behind some of the practices. I actually get hostile when I’m shopping for bedding or clothes or anything really and there is a male sales person standing right beside me at all times trying to “help” me. Americans are so independent. I’m realizing how independent I like to be and here that’s just not possible. I felt quite like George Banks in Father of the Bride, just before he’s arrested for destroying a pack of hot dog buns in the grocery store–he wanted eight buns for eight hot dogs.

For me it wasn’t hot dog buns, but sheets for our bed. Apparently, they only sell (from what I’ve seen so far) one flat sheet and two pillow cases per package. But I wanted two sheets and two pillowcases, not four pillowcases. I was trying to explain this to the guy “helping” me. But to no avail. I was so frustrated because buying two separate packages was more expensive than buying a fine set of sheets in the US. And I really didn’t even like the color so much, but plain sheets are harder to find for some reason. So guess what I want for Christmas this year? American sheets. Queen size. We brought one set of king with us, but that is way too big for here.

Well, enough ranting over trivial things like sheets. There’s plenty of ranting I could do about trivial things, but I will spare the general public. There are serious things here that are more troublesome than sheets and delivery men that show up at 9:30 pm.

So life goes on and I try to make sense or at least peace with my surroundings. I’m sure it will come. And besides, I didn’t come all this way to change the way retail works or be an advocate for fitted sheets. But I think they would be a hit!


One thought on “thus far…

  1. Oh my goodness how I understand not just the words expressed in this post but the feelings that come with it. I’ve been there! They also like to “help” you shop here. And the sheets…oh I know the frustration here too.
    Even though we have been in country a little longer than you guys, know you are not alone. We just moved to a new city 2 weeks ago and are in the midst of delivery guys showing up (whenever they want) and trying to find basic things to survive!
    Keep in touch!

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