a date with destiny

Here I am on the eve of a big day. Tomorrow we find out if we can get the visa we need to go to South Asia. It has been seven months of living in suitcases and with family. I’m ready for whatever the verdict is because frankly I’m ready for something to change, I think.

It’s a tough place for me. On the one hand I want for whatever is going to be next to just go ahead and come on. On the other hand, that step is a huge one of faith. We’re heading into some waters that are unknown and somewhat murky. I know that our arrival into this new land will be hard. The kids are going to have sensation overload, and I’m going to be forced to hold myself together for everyone’s sake. I’m going to have to be courageous and brave–both things I truly am not. Just ask my six year old. He thinks I’m a total wimp, which he’s completely right in many ways. I did go to England once all by myself, but that wasn’t really being brave. It was me being romantic and naive–but that’s another story for another day.

So here I sit at my little computer, my window to the world, and think about tomorrow. The day that will determine my destiny (sounds dramatic, huh?) and wonder what I will have to blog about tomorrow night.


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