It’s 2:30 am on our second day here. About an hour ago we all woke up and tried to fall back asleep, but our bodies are confused and think we’ve just had a really long nap and now it’s time for dinner. We had some crackers, beef jerky and potato chips to try to fill our bellies until breakfast. Mine is still grumbling for something more substantive— a baked potato, some grilled chicken, yeast rolls and key lime pie come to mind.

We tried to go back to sleep. For about twenty minutes everyone lay in their beds—eyes wide open. So we got back up and put on a movie for the kids. They are slightly grumpy, but not tired enough to sleep.

Yesterday Jon and I accomplished the task of getting cell phones. This is my first cell phone of my very own—amazing I know. It’s a local brand and has some cool features, including an entire keyboard so texting is easy and for me, which is essential or a simple message can take me ten minutes to type.

We have been fortunate to have friends here that have taken care of us these first few days, which is a giant blessing. Even though we have been here before, it was never with three kids and 25 bags to manage after 28 hours of travel!

Our next order of business is to find a place to live, which is no small task. I need a place that I can make a home. We haven’t had a permanent home since leaving Dallas in December and we all are longing for one. But it’s complicated here—apartment hunting is quite tricky and you have to be cautious.

Well that’s enough for now. But I will leave you with a funny little story.

We have an extra mattress in our hotel room for the kids and everyday when the maid cleans she takes the sheets for it and doesn’t replace them. So every night we’ve had to call and ask for them. The first night I called and asked for two extra sheets. The bellhop came up and rang our door. Jon opened it and looked at me, puzzled. I looked at the bellhop and he was standing there holding four sheets of white copy paper. So Jon explained, more with hand gestures than words, that what we really needed was bed sheets. He left and promptly brought the right sheets. Just the first of many miscommunications.


sinking in

I’m having one of those moments when my life doesn’t seem like my life. Like it’s all happening but to someone else. I can’t possibly be about to take my family to the other side of the world and start a new life??? Wow. Reality is sinking in.

We just booked our tickets. We have 12 days to say goodbye to everyone. It’s fairly overwhelming, really. Seems like there is so much to say and do, but not enough time. I guess there never really is.

a date with destiny

Here I am on the eve of a big day. Tomorrow we find out if we can get the visa we need to go to South Asia. It has been seven months of living in suitcases and with family. I’m ready for whatever the verdict is because frankly I’m ready for something to change, I think.

It’s a tough place for me. On the one hand I want for whatever is going to be next to just go ahead and come on. On the other hand, that step is a huge one of faith. We’re heading into some waters that are unknown and somewhat murky. I know that our arrival into this new land will be hard. The kids are going to have sensation overload, and I’m going to be forced to hold myself together for everyone’s sake. I’m going to have to be courageous and brave–both things I truly am not. Just ask my six year old. He thinks I’m a total wimp, which he’s completely right in many ways. I did go to England once all by myself, but that wasn’t really being brave. It was me being romantic and naive–but that’s another story for another day.

So here I sit at my little computer, my window to the world, and think about tomorrow. The day that will determine my destiny (sounds dramatic, huh?) and wonder what I will have to blog about tomorrow night.