In the past month I have really dropped the ball. Part of it was that we were traveling, again, and part of it was just pure, inexcusable apathy. This waiting place has me in a bit of a funk, to be honest, and as such my creativity has gone walkabout.

I think I’m ready to step out of the haze of ambiguity and start creating again. I’m telling myself I have to stop seeing this delay as purgatory, but rather as a gift. I have to get back to purposeful living. And in the midst of no routine, I have to piece one together somehow. It’s weird to go from going to school, doing ministry, raising kids, having a home and people in it, to no school, no ministry, no home to have people in, (but we do still have the kids!) Instead of papers I work on scrapbooks and support letters and packing (and re-packing) stuff. It sometimes feels pointless even though I know there is a point, it’s just not as concrete at the moment.

So, since it’s Monday and I’m tired of listlessness and I need some change in my life I am going to give my blog a face-lift. Let me know what you think, if you have a minute. Honest assessments truly welcome!


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