status update

So my last post was not stellar, but it is probably a good indication of where I am right now as we enter month four of our sojourn in Georgia. (insert long sigh)

I have many questions about our next destination–many, many questions about how my life will work over there. Still, this nomadic life is wearing on the family. I am ready for my own space, to make something feel like my home. My hubby has moved our “stuff” I think for the last time until we take it with us to the airport. Stuff is cumbersome, though necessary, I suppose.

So here I am. A woman in great need of an attitude adjustment. In need of a burst of creativity and a dose of joy. This probably is a good indication that I need some time to reflect, to pray, to be still. I probably also need to look at the positives in my life instead of the negatives… quite a challenge for me, I must say.

And there are many positives. One is when my middle son makes up stories on the fly and tells them like they are real. Or when my youngest is in trouble but smiles and tilts her head to the side because she’s trying to be charming. Or when my oldest gives me a huge hug and tells me he loves me. So I guess there’s my answer. Life is good, even if I am still living out of a suitcase.


One thought on “status update

  1. Oh the nomadic lifestyle. *Sigh* I remember it so well.
    Don’t worry girl, it’ won’t last forever. Enjoy the time you have with your friends and family there. Soon, you will find yourself in a new place settling down and unpacking your bags for good!
    Thinking about you guys.

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