this post is so boring I forgot to give it a title until after I posted it

It’s funny, but I was talking to my hubby tonight about my total lack of girl-chatter time. I suppose it is why I am blogging now, I have to process my life some how and since I do that by talking–I have two options: drive my husband bananas or blog. I guess you see what I chose.

This waiting time has been good in many ways–more time with family and friends, more time for us to spend as just a family, and more time to prepare for what’s ahead. The problem is that everyone here has a life in progress, while mine is on hold. And sometimes that doesn’t feel quite right. I like to feel like my life is progressing, too, but for now it just seems to be idle. I also miss having a nest of my own to perch in–instead I get to perch in other peoples’ nests for short periods of time. While their nests are nice, it’s not quite the same.

So what does one do while waiting? Well, I’m planning on making scrapbooks for the kids, Star Wars quilts, and while I’m at it maybe paint with my mom a little. That’s the positive. The negative thing is that this waiting time has also provided me with too much time to think and ponder about things I’d rather not. I find myself dwelling on petty things that I would normally not have time to give two seconds to such as unanswered emails, canceled plans and Facebook scammers who are trying to steal my email address by trying to get me to befriend a scantily clad twenty-one year old girl. Nice try, but I was on to you when you said you went to DTS but wore a shirt that exposed your midriff in your profile picture. Please.

So this post is more for me than you and I’m very apologetic because I should have any readers I’m fortunate to have at the forefront of my thoughts when writing. Sorry. But life is a little like sitting on a still pond right now with the line in the water, waiting for something to bite. And hopefully when it does it will be exciting, like a really big bass and not just a tangled line or a puny little brim.


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