melancholy moment #1

I’m not sure if everyone is as familiar as I am with the four temperaments– Choleric, Phlegmatic, Sanguine and Melancholy, but I find them a fascinating and insightful. Of course, most people are a blend of temperaments with one that tends to be more dominant than the others. For me I am predominantly a melancholy and secondly a choleric and a small amount of the other two blended in at times. Basically, this means I’m an introverted, contemplative, creative, control-freak. Which, I must say, is quite true most of the times.

Right now it is especially so. I am having a melancholy moment. Perhaps even a melancholy week! This week we moved from one place to another, saying goodbye yet again to the routine and people we had gotten used to. We also had the grand delight of re-organizing our stuff and giving away/throwing away more things. I never realized how attached to stuff I could be, but maybe it’s because this is not the first time we’ve done this and won’t be the last. It has been a slightly emotional and stressful week.

Right now we are house/dog sitting for family and while it is nice to have our own space, I miss having people close by that I know. And honestly, the barking dog is really making me edgy! Sweet she may be, but the incessant barking is for the birds. It was nice, however to be able to walk outside this afternoon and cut some fresh flowers and put them in a vase, something I have rarely ever been able to do.

Still, I miss community. At the Stevens’ house we had gotten into playing Cities and Knights quite a bit, just like we used to in Dallas. It’s funny, but I’m not really sure how to function anymore without people around to share life with. Which leads me to wonder what our lives will be like when we move to an even larger city and know even fewer people. I guess I’ll figure it out again and start the process anew when that time comes. I know there’s no sense in stressing about what has not happened yet. But like I said, this is a melancholy moment and I’m mostly a melancholy.


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