Just what I’ve always wanted. A blog about me.

A blog about me. Not my husband or kids or anyone else. Just me. Not that I don’t really love my husband and kids, but a family blog is a family blog. So click over to that one if you want to know what’s up with our family. Actually, don’t because I haven’t updated it in a while. Oops!

I’m excited about this new endeavor. A chance to write and maybe be read. I really do love to write, I just so rarely have a chance when I’m not either exhausted or interupted or both.

So here is my blog. A little bit of a cheesey title, but it’s my blog and sojournaling is better than just using my name, which I might say is very ordinary–unlike Rosetta Caliveri or Desdemona Hartley or Clementine Olexia, which I’ll save for the romance novel I’m writing.